Endometriosis is a complex, chronic and not very well known disease, caused by the unexpected presence of endometrium, the tissue that upholsters the inside of the uterus, in other organs (for example ovaries, tubes, peritoneum, vagina and sometimes even bowels or bladder).
Endometriosis is a hormone-related illness and every month, due to the effects of the menstrual cycle, the unusually located tissue bleeds internally: this causes cysts, chronic inflammation in the organs where these sites are located, scars, adhesions and, sometimes, infertility.
The inflammation of these tissues affects the women’s quality of life, because the pain caused by endometriosis (especially when it’s out of the genital area) compromises both the execution of normal everyday activities and the interpersonal and couple relationships.
A timely diagnosis is necessary so that endometriosis doesn’t damage the vital organs (like kidneys).
Pain during intercourse, chronic and unexplained lumbar pain, constipation alternating diarrhea, sciatic pain during the menstrual period: all these could be endometriosis-related symptoms.


Endometriosis – video

Endometriosis is a chronic disease, still not very well known, underrated and underestimated.
A.P.E. Onlus has fought for many years against the ignorance that still surrounds this medical condition, despite the very high number of young women affected by it.
It fights against a healthcare system that still doesn’t offer free services for all women with endometriosis, it fights against misinformation and approximation, it fights to establish a national register about endometriosis.
The following video can be a great way to make those around you understand what endometriosis actually is and to help you get more understanding and support.