Who we are

A.P.E. ODV was born in 2005, when a group of women who personally experienced endometriosis thought that their sense of social responsibility and their knowledge of the disease had to result in something that represented them and the other millions women in the same condition.

For 11 years, our organization has been composed by volunteer women affected by endometriosis, that turned their painful experience into tangible support for other women, helping them through a path of comfort and awareness that gives the biggest attention to the woman with endometriosis, with the deep belief that a patient organization has to be built on mutual support and help, in order to make one’s life, complicated by a chronic disease, a better way to be walked together through psychological support, acceptance of the illness and accuracy of the information about it.

What’s our aim?

First of all, we want to spread information and knowledge about endometriosis – for the women, their relatives, the healthcare workers and institutions. Endometriosis is a common but not very well known disease, even among healthcare staff and sometimes gynecologists too, so giving information is the best way to prevent it. For an illness whose cause is by now unknown and for which there’s no definitive treatment, the only way to prevent the possible complications and to try and ensure a good life quality to women is to intervene early and smarten the diagnosis times.
There are independent groups, spread in the whole Italian area, that offer self-help support, because we believe that the endometriosis-related pain can be defeated recovering the psychophysical wellbeing. WHO defines “self-help” as the totality of actions implemented by non-professionals in order to promote, preserve or recover health, interpreted as whole physical, psychological and social wellbeing of a certain community.
This is one of the premises of our self-help groups, currently run in different Italian regions.
We hope many more groups will arise in the future, thanks to women who will offer to be in charge: women that are willing to take on the responsibility of leading the activities in their area, to make sure that the meetings happen correctly and to promote their group in any useful way.
Another aim of A.P.E. ODV is to try and create a network with other organizations, both connected to endometriosis and other kinds of women organizations, in Italy and the rest of the world, in order to spread information as much as possible, to obtain rights and acknowledgment by the governmental institutions, to conduct awareness campaigns in schools, clinics and medical centers.
This is why A.P.E. ODV is open to everyone, men and women, directly or indirectly involved with this medical condition (friends, relatives, husbands, partners), who are willing to help realize our projects. A.P.E. Onlus needs initiative, creativity, willpower, availability, faith from everyone who wants and needs to do something tangible.

If you want to contribute to the growth of our beehive, you can email us or take part in our activities and virtual community… we need you too!