Support and help for women

Inform in order to raise awareness!

Starting from A.P.E. Onlus motto and believing that awareness necessarily passes through acknowledgement, which doesn’t mean resignation, self-help groups – as WHO states – are the main resource to help obtain psychophysical wellbeing. Help and support are given to women with endometriosis and their families through the constant commitment of the volunteers who are responsible for the A.P.E. Onlus support groups.
These groups periodically organize lectures, support meetings with psychologists and self-help groups only open to the women affected by endometriosis.

“Only who’s part of the problem can be part of the solution!”
Sharing, support, listening and the look of who perfectly knows the feelings, fears and anxieties of the people who are taking part to a meeting can become the best therapy in order to obtain improvements that start from the psychological side but pass on to the physical one, bringing benefits and a different perception of pain and sorrow.
The admittance to these meetings is always free.